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1. Did Depression Kill Michael Jackson?
Do you think that depression may have been responsible for Michael Jackson's death? Mental health lessons from the death of tormented music legend.

2. Should I Take Antidepressants ?
If you are wondering if you should be taking antidepressants, first consider the facts.

3. Should You Take Antidepressants When You Are Grieving?
Is it okay to take antidepressants if you have fallen into a depression after the death of a loved one?

4. 7 Tips For Beating The Holiday Blues
Starting to feel a little down this time of year? Try some of these tips to get past the holiday blues.

5. Potential Causes of Depression
We all know that heredity and hard knocks can cause or contribute to our depression, but what about sugar, alcohol, or even prescription medications?

6. Important Mental Health Dates
There are several important dates on the 2015 calendar, including times that focus on increasing awareness, other physical health concerns, walks, national conferences and more. This article focuses on January - March 2015.

7. Infidelity and Depression
If you've ever experienced the agonizing pain of infidelity, you know how it can affect those with depression. You know it indicates a problem, but is it also a wake-up call?

8. Low Cost Depression Treatment
Learn how you can get low cost depression treatment and start feeling better soon!

9. I Think My Dog Is Depressed
Dog behaviorists have studied and documented the fact that dogs do grieve and have feelings of sadness. Surprised?

10. Treat Your Depression With Dog Therapy
The love of a pet is a special gift. Not only does it give you a good feeling, but it has many physical benefits, as well.

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